My pedagogy practices what I call immersive-active learning, through which I either bring the field to the classroom or bring the classroom to the field.

Media Literacy: Decoding Media Images and Messages

Designed to focus on learning and applying media theories to interpreting and critiquing media texts and practices from media production and representation, to circulation and reception. Lectures focus on critical race theory, gender and feminist theory, queer theory, political economy, among others.

Multimedia Production

Intensive introduction to reporting, writing, producing, editing, and managing content for the web. Integration of writing, photography, social media, audio, video, and blogging for journalism and strategic communication. The course involves 8 mini production projects.

Podcasting and Audio Storytelling 

Advanced/graduate-level production course. Concentration on the technical, creative, and ethical aspects of podcasting as a form of audio storytelling in the digital space.

Introduction to Public Speaking

Focus on skills of preparing and performing speeches in front of different types of live audiences in a structured and deliberate manner, including introductory, informative, persuasive, and impromptu speeches.

Communication and Popular Music (teaching assistant)

Upper-level class examining the social production, distribution, and consumption of popular music. Advised and graded 27 student final research projects/senior projects, including giving detailed feedback on research proposal, literature review, and critical analysis. Guest lectured on gender and music.

Freedom of Speech (teaching assistant)

Upper-level class deliberating about the meaning, rights, and responsibilities of free speech within a democratic system. Graded weekly blog posts and responses and literature review papers for 25 students.