Journal articles and book chapters

2022. "Ethnic Rock or the Transcultural Logic of Hegemony: On Chinese Ethnic Rock Music (Minzu Yaogun)." In Critical Race Media Literacy.

This article conducts a case study on Chinese ethnic rock music (minzu yaogun) to illustrate how ethnic rock is a productive lens to break down the changing and intersectional concept of hegemony. It argues that the bands and aesthetic of ethnic rock are deployed by the Chinese party-state to perpetuate ideologies of ethno-nationalism and cultural hegemony, which ironically encourages the sounds and styles that satiate the ethnic gaze of White racial hegemony.

2022. "Empowerment in the Pills: Reproductive Rights and Postfeminist Rage in Modern China." In The Cultural Politics of Femvertising.

This article dissects the femvertising narratives of the oral contraceptive product Yasmin, specifically the ways they represent women's sexual agency and reproductive rights via both their 'successful' and 'unsuccessful' campaigns for the Chinese market. It concludes that the Yasmin campaigns exemplify a cultural politic of femvertising with Chinese characteristics, grafting feminist rhetoric onto the state project of postfeminism.

2020. "Object-Oriented Diaspora Sensibilities, Disidentification, and Ghostly Performance." M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, 23(5). (Special Issue: Anomaly)

Advancing an Asian American feminist epistemology, this essay uses theoretical lenses from performance studies, sociology, and Asian American studies to examine how Michelle Zauner's musical performance heavily informed by her Korean heritage reimagines Asian American experiences and femininities.

2019. "Visions of China: Avant-Orientalism, Art Rock, and Conflicted Otherness." Cinéma & Cie: International Film Studies Journal, 19(33), 107-120. (Special Issue: Avant-garde and Popular Forms Between Music and Visual Media)

Introducing Orientalism to Lawrence Grossberg's study of rock affects, this essay complicates the phenomenon of Communist chic and ethnic chic during the later cold war era by focusing on the formulation of rock musicians' political Otherness through a case study of the British band Japan's 1981 album Tin Drum.

Reviews and commentaries

2021. "Digital Mediation and Transnational Flows of Queer Fandom: Ambiguous Queer Performance on Chinese Social Media." Critical Asian Studies Commentary Board.

2020. "Long Review of Popular Music and the Politics of Hope: Queer and Feminist Interventions" (eds. by Susan Fast and Craig Jennex). Current Musicology, 106(Spring), 9-17.

2019. "Collection Review of Rhetorics of Whiteness: Postracial Hauntings in Popular Culture, Social Media, and Education" (eds. by Tammie M. Kennedy, Joyce Irene Middleton, and Krista Ratcliffe). Communication Booknotes Quarterly, 50(4), 175-177.

2018. "Retro Objects, Alien Objects" (Part of a virtual roundtable on the theme "Retro Media"). In Media Res: A Media Commons Project.

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