upcoming events

Reconsider 'American' Musical Activism and Affective (Dis)Assimilation

Association for Asian American Studies Conference 

April 10

Bad Punk: Queer, Angry, Asian, and Punk Stories

Pop Conference. The Museum of Popular Culture 

April 24

The Promise of Anti-Sociality: Asian Fury and the Contradictions of the Anti-Institutional Project of Punk Rock

Cultural Studies Association 19th Annual Conference


Selected past events

2020. "Fried Rice and L.A. Punk: A Punk Historiography through Chinatown and Little Tokyo." Punk Scholars Network-US Division Global Punk Virtual Conference.

2020. "The 'Oriental Riff' Mystique: Electrifying Tapping Sounds, Mediating Sonic Popular Cultures." Sound Instruments and Sonic Cultures Conference. National Science and Media Museum (UK).

2020. "Towards a Trans-Subaltern-Public Theory: On the Reproduction and Circulation of Sentimentalities." The National Communication Association Conference.

2020. "Gendering the Myth of Asian American Apoliticism: A Musical Representational Perspective." The New York State Communication Association Conference.

2020. "Sentimental Radicals, Misinterpellation, and the Promise of Minor Sounds." MoPOP Pop Conference. The Museum of Popular Culture.

2019. "Performing (Queer) 'Ordinary Superstar': Hypnagogic Pop and De-Orientalizing the Retro-Futuristic Soundscape." The National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA.

2019. "Disciplining Androgynous Femininity: Interrogating the Possibility of Queer-Feminist Punk." The 69th Annual International Communication Association Conference. Washington DC.

2019. "#ICantKeepQuiet: Undoing the Asian American Woman, Sentimentalist Assimilation, and Multiculturalism." The International Communication Association Conference. Washington DC.

2019. "Not Your Japanese Breakfast: Disidentification, Ghostly Performance, and Haunting Postcolonial America." The 2019 national meeting of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music - United States Branch. New Orleans, LA.

2018. "Under the Progressive Superficiality: Problematizing the Postmodern Aesthetics of Art Rock." The 2018 International Graduate Students Annual Research Showcase, Council of International Graduate Students, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN. [Top Best Poster]

2018. "Complicating the Intermundane: Sound, Musical Performance, and Listening Experience." The 68th Annual International Communication Association Conference. Prague, Czech Republic. [Poster]

2018. "Performing a Feminist Sexual Empowerment." The 2018 Annual Convention of Central States Communication Association. Milwaukee, WI.

2018. "Absence and Disconnection: Reading Feminism in the Glam Rock Era." Organized in Paper Session Panel "Performative Feminist Activism." The 103rd Annual Convention of National Communication Association. Dallas, TX.

Full CV available upon request.